Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP) Firewall include the typical functions of traditional firewalls such as packet filtering, network- and port-address translation (NAT), stateful inspection, and virtual private network (VPN) support. The goal of next-generation firewalls is to include more layers of the OSI model, improving filtering of network traffic that is dependent on the packet contents.

NGTP Firewall is a part of the third generation of firewall technology, combining a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functions with enhancement technology such:

  1. User Base Filtering
  2. Application Firewall
  3. Website Filtering
  4. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).
  5. TLS/SSL encrypted traffic inspection
  6. Network Antivirus Inspection
  7. Network AntiBot Inspection
  8. third-party identity management integration (i.e. LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory)
  9. VPN Site to Site
  10. VPN for Mobile User
  11. Clustering for High Availability

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